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Why 'we'?

In this fast-changing world, development has become a major subject. Everyday something new is introduced in the market. Unlimited progress is observed in the system of information technology. The world is seeking for new ways of progress in every field. Yet, there is situation, where people are still struggling for basic needs. They, with their problems are untouched by the plans and policies of development. Even though the state put whole effort to upraise the public interest for development, it could not be done properly till education comes to be the subject of basic needs of people. This is the major issue to understand whether "poverty is hindering education" or "illiteracy is leading to poverty." Concerning to the fact, awareness could be the midway to overcome both. Taking this in mind, we realized that education system must have perception to social, cultural, moral and spiritual values and norms.

So, we have come up with the objectives not only to provide children the quality education but also make their parents aware to lead better quality of life. Thus, we intend to bridge the gap between schools and parents for the entire development of a child so that the nation could get efficient manpower for its development. Such a thought gathered us to work together as Socio-perspective alliance (SPA).

Study design

We need to go through a survey to find out if our understanding (assumption) is relevant to the current situation of the happening locality or not. Thus we studied schools from inside and outside the valley. The visit to the schools rather surprised us, in the sense, that we did not find the physical condition of the schools as poor as we thought. The public schools now have somehow good infrastructure and facilities etc. The teachers are also well-trained and capable. Yet, most of the schools were found incapable to perform well. Out of curiosity, we t tried to find out the reason asking some questions. Such as :-

1) What are the major subjects students feel difficult in?
What is the cause?

2)Is their problem related to their parents or home environment?

3) Are parents concerned to their ward's performance? Do they ever visit school?

4)Are the teachers aware of the weakness of their students? Have they ever tried? to find the solution?

5) Has the management ever taken any initiative steps to enhance quality education?

6) Has the local community shown any interest for the upbringing of educational quality in the public schools?

The conclusion drawn from the school visit is as follows:-

Even having good facilities teachers could not show their best performance due to:-

a) lack of mentality (both in teachers and students)

b) illiterate parents

c) weakness in monitoring system

d) language problem

e) irregularity

f) socio-cultural impact


To sum up with the conclusion it was observed that the way to tackle these problems lie not only in one hand school monitoring but parents and teachers must go hand in hand monitoring overall performance of the students finding their challenges to meet them before it could create problem in the society.


In the present situation, the role of education in the development of a country is well-understood. Thus government policies are also tending to give coverage to the wholesome development in education system. But the government policies and plans are formulated from the central level. During implementation, it is not feasible to use their managerial skill and leadership potential in the monitoring system. Thus the differences between planning for the progressive methods in education system and their implementation in local level with limited resources and activities affect the educational quality causing the production of students with less effective social, cultural, moral and mental attitude to contribute a good deal to the society. Even though the efforts are made from all levels (state, teachers, parents, school), yet the achievement is inadequate. Still there is a lot more to be done in the field of education to cope with the pace of the fast growing today's world.


When it comes to educational development the active participants are school management, teachers and parents. If they all have good mode of co-ordination, taking initiative measures to manage with local resources under social norms and values, the students could easily come up with the positive attitude towards the entire development of the quality education. So the urge is felt to bridge the gap between plans and policies so made with the active participants so as to obtain effective progress in the quality of education to benefit the students with their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development along with their academic progress.

What we do?

We visit government schools and community schools where problems are in abundance. There we look for exclusive students who need help to fit themselves in the classroom for proper studies. Through their parents and teachers we try to assume the problem or trauma the student is passing through. Then the problem is surpassed by the student to measure the exact problem he or she is facing. During the process we could consume the most appropriate procedure for each individual. Then the discussion with parents and teachers lead all three sides to get the exact dimension for the remedy.

How we do it?

We consult with class teachers who could choose the best level of students in need of the service. The class teacher, along with school administration helps us to reach up to the family members. If needed we also do home visits. Once the names of the students are collected, those students are taken in consideration for special attention by all three sides (teachers, parents and our team). This is how children feel secured to get into the studies more pleasantly.

Our achievement:

We are holding about fifteen students in our first phase in 2008 from three different schools. Within our working period of eight months we are able to reach up to nine students' parents and teachers properly for their welfare. Our achievement is that those students are now having good times at home and in school as their parents are aware of their problems and teachers are friendly and cooperative helping them in the best possible level to overcome their trauma.