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Awareness ! Why do we need?

1.     Just sending the children to school doesn't fulfill parents' responsibility.

2.     Home environment and teacher's dedication must suit children mentality.

3.     We wish every school going child could become inclusive student.

4.     We believe society prospers with the wholesome development of the children .

SPA-Nepal is conducting 'awareness programs' to bridge the gap between Teacher - Student ,
Teacher - Parent and Parents to understand their Children for better growth and development of child to be a successful and responsible member of the community.

SPA-Nepal is bringing awareness program in schools to gain the easy access of the children. We have
figured the prospectives of these in illustration of real world.

What about parents' responsibility
Wandering outside escaping the classes
  Worried for siblings
  Let's take care of our future stars
  Try to understand
  Anxious guardians
  Student's progress, teachers' concern
  Can you hear me?
  Let's join hands for progress

SPA Nepal involvement

To create these awareness the SPA-Nepal is playing a vital role consulting parents and working like mediator for Educational Institutes. SPA-Nepal is facilitating parents and teachers to understand the needs and interest of children making them aware of the changes they need to bring for the development and growth of the child.

In accordance to our awareness program, we are likely to present some of the cases and outcomes which we experienced during the process.

Case 1:

A nine year old boy in class two as repetition was considered as "exclusive student" as he was irregular in class and weak in studies. So, we requested the teachers to arrange a meeting with his parents. When we met the boy with his mother in the principal's office, it was really embarrassing to hear the words they were throwing to each other. When we tried to know the reason for the boy's irregularity at school, both were blaming each other. Actually, his parents didn't want him to attend school. The mother wanted him to stay at home and look after his younger sister. His father wanted him to work as a housekeeper so that he can earn for living. So they harass the boy saying that he is not good at studies and need not go to school just to waste time. The parents were just thinking for the present, unaware of the child's future. This resulted the boy repeat the class. This way, many children are repeating classes wasting their time and the resources and materials provided from government schools for free education in primary levels.

Our effort to make the parents aware worked as the boy started to attend the classes regularly and studying better than before. We wish if we could send many more children to school for better education. We wish if teachers could understand the problems of their students and go for solution before the child leaves the school.

Case 2:

A boy in class four, hates to go to school. Parents forced him to go to school. They had to drop the boy into the school premises by force not to let him run away. After that teachers had to work hard to keep him inside the classroom. The boy was treated in several ways to make him study but all in vain. Thereafter he was included in our program as "exclusive student". We tried to convince the boy's father, his ward's difficulty. Then the discussion with teachers took place for the welfare of the child. After six months of our regular follow-ups the boy not only started to attend the classes regularly but showed his best-ever performance. He came up with improved attitude and progress in studies. Now, in class five, he is regular in school with complete homework. He is well-behaved among teachers and friendly with classmates. Thus, we say children can be more easily handled if their environment is made comfortable.

Case 3:

She is now studying in class ten. She had repeated class nine because she was irregular and weak in studies. She could not attend the classes as she has to help her mother for earning. When we talked to the teachers, if there is any chances of her regular attendance, they put it aside saying that living is more important than education. The solution end up in the conclusion, if someone could solve her earning problem. First meeting with the girl led us to her problems and her uncertain future only. Even then we accepted to get into her problems. We started to talk with her mother and teachers frequently to find out the best possible solution. Our initiation turned out the positive result. Now she is in class ten attending her classes regularly as well as helping her mother as much as possible. She didn't let anything go. Her strong desire for education has made her more stable. Now, she is getting moral support from her teachers and parents. She feels that some words of appreciation added more value to her hard work. We feel her determination will lead her to a successful life. We wish she could become a good example for the society.

These are only a few examples our "awareness" program has resulted. These examples prove that poverty is not only the reason pulling our society backwards. Lack of knowledge in parents and adverse situation our teachers are facing also could be the reason to create problems in our children to keep them away from studies. Thus our program for "awareness" in the society especially among parents, teachers and siblings will help the school-going children to lead a successful life, imparting knowledge through better education.